3V Enterprise is part of the 3V Group, an international leader in the process and specialty chemicals industry since the 1950s.

Today, we serve a wide range of sectors, from the chemical and pharmaceutical industries to O&G, and, through close integration between our subsidiaries, 3V Tech and 3V Green Eagle, we provide a wide range of solutions and services in both the production and environmental fields aiming to be a one-stop solution provider for our customers.

3V Tech

3V Tech is the technological engine of the Group, a leader in the development, design and implementation of process solutions, plants and machines for process industries and multi-utilities.

Our solutions range from production to environmental processes, such as wastewater treatment, sludge treatment, waste recovery and reuse, and are complemented by a wide range of pre- and after-sales services.

Based on a DBO (design-build-operate) model, we support our customers from the design phase to the implementation phase and assist them in the management of their plants.

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3V Green Eagle

3V Green Eagle is a leading environmental services company for customers across multiple industries, which can rely on us as a technologically advanced partner capable of collecting and treating even highly polluted wastewater containing recalcitrant compounds.

We treat up to 400,000 m3 per year of liquid industrial waste, and recover nutrients from wastewater with a view to a circular and sustainable economy.

In cooperation with our affiliate 3V Tech, we apply a DBO (design-build-operate) model that combines the technology and manufacturing components with the service component, including support in the management of environmental plants.

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